Ladies Day Out is the only shopping and activity day devoted entirely to women in south-central North Carolina.

It is offered 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on the last Saturday in March to provide a unique experience where ladies may shop, pamper themselves, relax, attend brief presentations on a variety of topics and enjoy an afternoon.

Ladies Day Out is held throughout the atrium and ballroom of the Days Inn Conference Center located at 805 SW Service Road in Southern Pines, NC 28387. The entrance is located off of Morganton Road near the intersection of US Hwy 1.

This glorious one-day event offers ladies an opportunity to “get away for a girl day” with a variety of vendors, makeup artists, hair stylists and more.

Ladies Day Out is a one-day fun-day to celebrate women with shopping, activities, information and entertainment.

Every girl needs some time to enjoy being a girl. With family, work, church and civic responsibilities, it can be difficult to find that time.

Ladies Day Out creates that opportunity.

  • SHOP – a myriad of vendors with accessories, apparel, art, candles, crafts, florals, jewelry, kitchen items, pottery, scarves, soaps, tote bags, woodworking and more.
  • PAMPER – yourself with health and beauty services such as a makeup consultation or a new hairstyle.
  • ENJOY – sweet treats, girlfriends, time together and a fun afternoon!


Ladies Day Out offers you the opportunity to meet Exhibitors and purchase items not found in retail stores.

Many Exhibitors are artisans who only sell their creations in a one-to-one setting such as Ladies Day Out.

Some are from outside the local area which means you would not normally have the chance to see them or shop with them.

The large variety of Exhibitors at Ladies Day Out assures that you have a unique shopping experience.

Items available may include accessories, apparel, art, candles, crafts, florals, jewelry, kitchen items, pottery, scarves, soaps, tote bags, woodworking and more. It’s almost A to Z!

Whether you are looking for a gift or a specialty item for yourself, you are sure to find something unusual at Ladies Day Out.

Ladies Day Out is ALL about pampering. It’s the next best thing to a spa day.

Ladies Day Out is strategically planned as a time to recognize mothers, daughters, wives and girlfriends.

Every woman is at least one of those so every woman is to be celebrated.

Bring your favorite female for an afternoon to play together.

Whether you shop or take advantage of the personal services or listen to the presentations or just have chocolate…

Spend the afternoon and do it all at Ladies Day Out!!


Ladies Day Out is planned to be a decadent indulgence for ALL of the senses so we MUST have chocolate…

and cupcakes…

and brownies…

and cakes…

Enjoy the possibilities at Ladies Day Out!

Ladies Day Out is about taking some ‘me time’.

Women are always responsible – for husbands, kids, parents, neighbors, extended family…and the list goes on.

Take a break from looking after everyone else. Give yourself the afternoon ‘off’.

No schedule – no agenda.

Spend the entire afternoon if you like.

Relax…it’s Ladies Day Out!


Exhibitors currently are registering for the 2020 Ladies Day Out. Please check back the week of the show for a complete list of those participating.