Ladies Day Out Enjoy

Special Treats

Ladies Day Out is planned to be a decadent indulgence for ALL of the senses so we MUST have chocolate…

and cupcakes…

and brownies…

and cakes…

and banana-blueberry-almond-cranberry-date nut breads.

Enjoy the possibilities at Ladies Day Out!


Family And Friends

Ladies Day Out is strategically planned as a time to recognize mothers, daughters, wives and girlfriends.

Every woman is at least one of those so every woman is to be celebrated.

Bring your favorite female for an afternoon to play together.

Whether you shop or take advantage of the personal services or listen to the presentations or just have chocolate…

Enjoy being together at Ladies Day Out!


Me time

Me Time

Ladies Day Out is about taking some ‘me time’.

Women are always responsible – for husbands, kids, parents, neighbors, extended family…and the list goes on.

Take a break from looking after everyone else. Give yourself the afternoon ‘off’.

No schedule – no agenda.

Spend the entire afternoon with a glass of wine and chocolate if you like.

Relax…it’s Ladies Day Out!